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[Mobile App] Dark Ages 2 - iOS [Tier 3] - Pausing - affiliate program

[Mobile App] Dark Ages 2 - iOS [Tier 3] - Pausing Affiliate Program

Rescue Your City Immediately! Conquer the World Ambitiously!

Promotion Allowed: Search, Push Notification, Wifi
Promotion Not Allowed: No Adult, No Email, No SMS, No Network Website traffic, No App Discovery Platform
All banners and bridge pages should be approved in advance.
Incentivizable: Offer IS NOT Incentivizable
This offer has a cap of 100 installs/day
Carriers Allowed: All
Devices Allowed: Android
Conversion Process: Install
User needs to download and open app.
Campanii directe și exclusive

Sisteme de plată și recompense excelente

Manager de afiliere dedicat

Fiți plătit la fiecare două săptămâni

Bonus de bun venit în valoare de 1.000 $
Countries Allowed:
Russian Federation, Cyprus, Egypt, Philippines, Ireland, Italy, India, Malta, Brazil, Turkey, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Indonesia, Luxembourg, Qatar, Costa Rica, Belgium, Israel, Poland, Romania, Argentina, Namibia, Slovenia, Greece, Nigeria, Finland, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Iran (islamic Republic Of), Chile
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