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Choose from a huge selection of high caliber offers from 25 verticals. You can also view an offer's average EPC, CR, and network earning level.


Your devoted affiliate manager will help you further refine your offer selection, establish unique bonus plans, and effectively optimize your traffic.

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affiliaXe has one of the largest selection of top offers out there. Whether you promote on mobile, desktop, or both, we are sure to have the right offer for your geo, vertical, and traffic..

Yet, while we offer quantity, we above all deliver quality. Quality specifically in our guidance, support, and management of our diverse publishers. No matter if you are a Media Buyer, Blogger, Mailer, the like, our approach is always personal​, professional ​and unique per affiliate.

Coupled with our specialized approach, we also provide advanced monetization tools such as XML-Product Feeds and Cross Device Retargeting. You will quickly notice that quality is the essential essence of who we are as a network.
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Affiliate Deep Linking monetization tool
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Traffic Source reviews
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We've set our standards high for you and keep them there.

We provide our advertisers devoted representatives with vast experience and authority to monitor and maximize your campaigns.

In addition, our multiple anti-fraud systems and rigorous, multi-tiered screening process ensure that your brand is protected and that your campaigns receive the highest quality of traffic from experienced affiliates and publishers; website and app owners, bloggers, mailers, reviews & comparison sites, media buyers, search marketing specialists, thought leaders and social media publishers, etc.
Our strong cooperation and standing with high caliber publishers from all over the globe, further contribute to our top-notch standing.
Global reach - Active in 175 countries
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10,000,000 Transactions per month
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affiliaXe global affiliate network
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affiliaXe global affiliate network