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Massage Hero - Desktop & Mobile - [INTERNATIONAL] - affiliate program

Massage Hero - Desktop & Mobile - [INTERNATIONAL] Affiliate Program

MASSAGE HERO. A lightweight, portable device that delivers a “percussive massage.” Percussive massage help loosen and stretch muscles to relieve built-up tension and knots.

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  • Target Audience: Bodybuilders, athletes, office workers, high-tech workers, mothers, seniors

  • Product Price: $199.00.

  • Americans spend $30.2 billion every year on alternative health care.

  • The offer has multiple landing pages, use them to your advantage.

Guidelines & Restrictions:

  • All creatives and bridge pages should be approved in advance.

Promotional Methods Allowed: Display, Social, Search, Email, PPV (Only with a pre-lander)
Promotion Not Allowed: No Incentives, No Brand Bidding, No Coreg, No Adult, No Re-Brokering, No Proxy traffic
Desktop Allowed: YES
Mobile Devices Allowed: All
Carriers Allowed: All
Conversion Process: Sale
CPA (Pixel fires on a valid one-time purchase)
Market Opportunity

    The Problem
    No matter what sport you do, when the training goes down, the muscle strain kicks off. That's a real hassle and pain. Being unable to relieve the pain instantly is a cause for concern. With time the pain starts to snowball. Without melting the muscle stress out, after a few minutes, most people are at risk of suffering injuries.
    Anyone who experiences muscle pain can use Massage Hero. It is not exclusively for bodybuilders or athletes, who may use it pre or post-workout to aid performance and recovery. Office workers, mothers of small children and seniors may also experience tight and sore muscles on a regular basis.

    The Solution
    Massage Hero. Percussive massage that helps loosen and stretch muscles to relieve built-up tension and knots.
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$1,000 Affiliate Welcome Bonus
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