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FreeScoreConnect 2.0  - Free Trial - Desktop & Mobile [US] - affiliate program

FreeScoreConnect 2.0 - Free Trial - Desktop & Mobile [US] Affiliate Program

User signs up to receive a free 7-day trial of Credit Monitoring Service and will receive Free Credit Scores from all 3 Bureaus.
7-day trial credit monitoring. Monthly Membership $39.90 automatically charged after free trial

Guidelines & Restrictions:
  • All banners and bridge pages should be approved in advance.
  • No Brand terms, including misspellings and variations,
    these include, but are not limited to: "FREE" & "REPORT", "ANNUAL CREDIT REPORT", or "FICO" or "BEACON" in conjunction with any advertising.
  • No Craigslist or similar classified listings, user cannot be misled into signing up, cannot be incentivized, cannot be a requirement to sign up as a required or forced condition of another step such as for a loan, or to receive another product as a condition of the credit sale, cannot use deceptive marketing practices, falsify information. Affiliates may not place the offer on the thank you page of decline pay of a Payday loan offer.
  • No incent traffic that includes but not limited to virtual currency, points, offerwalls, prizes, content unlocking, or any other incent method.
  • Affiliate cannot ask for user logins and passwords as this is a risk for identity theft.
    No trademark infringement, no PPV traffic over bank sites or financial institutions, cannot use messaging that is misleading, uses messaging along the lines of a bank breach or recent credit score change, etc.

Promotion Allowed: Display, Email
Promotion Not Allowed: No Incentives, No Brand Bidding, No Coreg, No Adult, No Social, No Search, No PPV, No Text Message / SMS Marketing, No Craigslist Marketing or Job Board marketing of any kind is accepted, No third-party brokering to networks of the offer is allowed: ZERO TOLERANCE.
Email Instructions :
  • Do not use ratespecial tracking links in your emails or within the message body. Mask with your own domains/redirects
  • All From/Subject lines and custom creatives not provided below must be approved for compliance, and all emails must follow CAN-SPAM compliance or this can result in non-payment and other consequences.
  • Ensure that the Suppression List emails are not included in your mailings

Desktop Allowed: YES
Mobile Devices Allowed: All
Carriers Allowed: All
Conversion Process: Free Trial
CPA (Pixel fires on a valid credit card authorization and successful enrollment of the free trial period.)
Direct & Exclusive Campaigns

Excellent Payouts & Rewards

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Get paid every two weeks

$1,000 Affiliate Welcome Bonus
Countries Allowed:
United States
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