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TrackR - Presell Lost Keys - Mobile Optimized [INTERNATIONAL] - affiliate program

TrackR - Presell Lost Keys - Mobile Optimized [INTERNATIONAL] Affiliate Program

TrackR is a tiny, bluetooth device and free app that helps you find misplaced items in seconds using your smartphone. What if you lose your phone? No problem! Simply press the button on any of your TrackR devices and your phone will instantly ring – even if it's on silent!

The most common uses for TrackR are: keys, smartphones, wallets/purses, pets, laptops, tablets, bikes, TV remote, cars and anything else you want to track!

TrackR has sold over 500,000 units to date!

Publishers are CRUSHING this offer right now and with good reason. TrackR is a clever, affordable solution to a huge problem everyone deals with on frequent basis
Guidelines & Restrictions:
The offer is crushing it on Facebook.
Also works well with Native. (500+ sales a day)
The top topics for high conversions for TrackR right now are: Stolen/lost bike" and 'forgetting where you last parked your car".

This is a SENSITIVE offer, please be strict with all the restrictions:
No Brandbidding, No Incentivized, No Coreg, No Adult.
Affiliates must not use images of Trackr competitors in their ads, creatives, or presell pages unless it is CLEARLY stated that the image is a competitor of Trackr, and not an actual Trackr.
Affiliates must not use any copy or images that reference 'child tracking' in their ads, creatives, or presell pages.

Please note for Social/Native Traffic:
1) Do not call TrackR a 'GPS'. Technically its a 'crowd sourced GPS' and either tracks items within 100 ft of your cell phone, or relies on the 'crowd sourced' aspect so other TrackR users can help find lost items.
2) Do not say that TrackR allows you to 'find the current location' of the lost item. Technically you can only see the 'last known location' of the lost item.

For all traffic sources: Do not say that TrackR tracks people (men/women/children/boyfriend/girlfriend/...)
All banners and bridge pages should be approved in advance.
Promotion Allowed: Display, Social, Search, PPV
Promotion Not Allowed: No Incentivized, No Brand Bidding, No Coreg, No Adult, No Email
Desktop Allowed: YES
Mobile Devices Allowed: All
Carriers Allowed: All
Conversion Process: Sale
CPS (Pixel fires on cc submit on any sale)
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