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Shutterstock: Ecommerce - CPA - Desktop & Mobile [9 countries] - Pausing - affiliate program

Shutterstock: Ecommerce - CPA - Desktop & Mobile [9 countries] - Pausing Affiliate Program

Use our Exclusive LP that gives 10% discount on any Shutterstock purchase.

Shutterstock is a Top website of the world of selling photos, vectors, video and music tracks.
Over 50 Million stock available for users to download instantly.
It is ranking 248 globally and 555 in US on
The offer converts well on a variety of GEO's!

2018 Creative Trends

  • Fantasy
  • New Minimalism
  • Space
  • Natural Luxury
  • Punchy Pastels
  • A Global March
  • Digital Crafts
  • Ancient Geometrics
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Holographic Foil

Deep Links:

IMPORTANT: In order for you to use the deep linking feature please do the following:
1. Select the LP "Deep Link" and grab your unique tracking link from this offer.
2. Add the parameter: &source= right at the end of your tracking link
3. Use any URL encoder to encode the final Landing Page you want to use.
4. Add the encoded URL immediately following the &source= parameter

Your final tracking link should look similar to this link:


We highly recommend to use Notepad or any other text editor to build your deep links and not the system's "add source" text box. This will help prevent errors while building your deep link url.


  • Works best with PPV and Search traffic
  • Top converting GEO's are: MX, BR, FR, IN.
  • Top Search Terms (Brand Bidding Isn't Allowed):
    stock footage
    stock photo
    royalty free music
    stock video
    human anatomy
    free stock photos
    royalty free images
    woman clapping
    banco de imagenes
    banner design
    figuras geometricas
    vector images
  • The offer has multiple landing pages, use them to your advantage.
  • Who is the Shutterstock Customer?
    Creative professionals and bloggers
    Small to medium businesses
    Advertising and marketing agencies
    Media and corporate organizations
    Filmmakers, editors and production houses
    Anyone who loves and needs amazing images, videos or music

  • Top Referring Categories:
    Arts and Entertainment 36.81%
    Software 17.77%
    Photography 9.42% Business and Industry 8.24%
    Computer and Electronics 7.37%

Guidelines & Restrictions:

  • All banners and bridge pages should be approved in advance.
  • In order to get approval to run campaigns on Facebook, you need to have a page with 10k+ followers.
  • Your promotion should be co-branded, meaning that all promotional materials should include “your brand name+Shutterstock”.
  • Brand-bidding on competitors' brand is not allowed.

Promotion Allowed: Display, Native, PPV, Search, Social (only with approval of your AM)
Promotion Not Allowed: No Incentives, No Brand Bidding, No Coreg, No Adult, No Email
Desktop Allowed: YES
Mobile Devices Allowed: All
Carriers Allowed: All
Conversion Process: Sale
CPA (Pixel fires on a valid purchase)
Direct & Exclusive Campaigns

Excellent Payouts & Rewards

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Get paid every two weeks

$1,000 Affiliate Welcome Bonus
Countries Allowed:
Mexico, France, India, Netherlands, South Korea, Brazil, Italy, Thailand, Philippines
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