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[Mobile App] The World Tower - iOS [BR] - affiliate program

[Mobile App] The World Tower - iOS [BR] Affiliate Program

"The World Tower" is a new and unique social project where you will find everything you need to make new friends with the intention to make good things happen!
Here millions of users are building a virtual tower out of their pictures - the building which is second to none on this planet!
The World Tower is a dream-come-true for the ones who want to express themselves, become famous and change the world. Here you will not go by unnoticed and lost within thousands of a lookalike accounts.
Here you will be in the world’s spotlight!

Take part in building The World Tower, alongside the millions of other users, by adding your pictures to the unique virtual structure, previously unseen by the world!

Share your pictures, see what others have to share, explore the tower, meet new friends and socialize like never before, united by the same goal - to make this world a better place!
Our aim is to provide you with a pure communication experience with genuine people, cutting away all that is not important!

By joining The World Tower you are getting a chance to actually influence the decisions on the world problems and have an impact on the latest developments on the planet!
Do you know the feeling of being distressed and powerless hearing bad news? Not knowing what to do and how to help?
Well, The World Tower gives an opportunity to have your say and help make good deeds happen nearby or halfway across the world!

Take part in the charity events and sign the petitions, create your own projects and join other users’ campaigns! Whatever you do, do it for good!
Every single vote counts. Every opinion matters. With every picture, with every word, with every good deed, The World Tower will grow high and strong, uniting people across the planet!

To join us, simply logon using your existing Facebook account.

The World Tower offers you:
-The ability to add pictures of 5 exclusive sizes:
-Silver Photo in the size of 4 tower blocks;
-Gold Photo in the size of 16 tower blocks;
-Platinum Photo in the size of 64 tower blocks;
-Diamond Block in the size of 1,600 tower blocks;
-Exclusive Block in the size 3,200 tower blocks!

Promotion Allowed: Email, Search, Display, Wifi traffic, Social
Promotion Not Allowed: No adult, No Incent
Incentivizable: Offer IS NOT Incentivizable
Conversion Process: Install
User download & Open App
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Excellent Payouts & Rewards

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Get paid every two weeks

$1,000 Affiliate Welcome Bonus
Countries Allowed:
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