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MacKeeper MacOS - High Quality - CPI - Desktop Only [Tier2] - affiliate program

MacKeeper MacOS - High Quality - CPI - Desktop Only [Tier2] Affiliate Program

MacKeeper is the leading MacOS software utility. It's like a "swiss-knife" that has everything you might need to keep your Mac clean, safe and optimized.

Guidelines & Restrictions:

All email creatives, banners and bridge pages should be approved in advance.
▸ Don't use words such as "best/top" software while creating your own banners. Sentences such as "You have a virus" or "Your Mac is infected" are strictly forbidden.

Promotion Allowed: Display, Email, Social, PPV
Promotion Not Allowed: No Incentives, No Brand Bidding, No Coreg, No Search, No GDN
Desktop Allowed: MacOS only
Mobile Devices Allowed: None
Carriers Allowed: None
Conversion Process: CPI
(User Needs to Download, Install and open the Software file)
Direct & Exclusive Campaigns

Excellent Payouts & Rewards

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Get paid every two weeks

$1,000 Affiliate Welcome Bonus
Countries Allowed:
Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Japan, South Africa
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