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[INCENTIVIZED] [Mobile App] Housing - Android [IN] - affiliate program

[INCENTIVIZED] [Mobile App] Housing - Android [IN] Affiliate Program

With Housing, you can post a flat for sale, find an apartment to rent, buy a new property, discover a house to purchase, select a PG/hostel, find the right tenant, and look up new localities. Looking for a home? Welcome to property search made easy. Starting with India, expanding soon...

Here are a few cool things we have in our App to help you find the perfect place to live:
- Beyond Verified: We take all photos and collect dozens of data points on each property.
-Lots of Details: We love data, and so every property listing is filled with data we collect.
-Search for What You Want: Sort and Filter the properties based on amenities! Narrow it down by specifics, such as sofas, TVs, AC, pools, parking, gas.
-List Properties with a Click: Landlords, owners, agents: Have the Housing team do everything: We’ll come to you to snap photos, gather information, and post the listing.
-More Listings, Daily: Our dedicated Housing team adds properties daily.
-Stay in the Know: Receive personalised Alerts when new postings are added.
-Contact Owners, Landlords, and Agents Directly: Reach out directly using our app.
-Shortlist Flats: Save your favourites, across devices.
-Share Homes you Love: Look up houses and share listings.
-Accessible from Any Device: Access your shortlist and personalised alerts from any device.
-A Free App, with No Ads: Everything is posted by us. Always.
-Lifestyle Rating: Wondering how the neighborhood fares? Our Data Science Lab aggregates lots of data to provide you with locality ratings.
-Many Cities: Find a home in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, and many more!

Look up and Live Better, with Housing.

Promotion Allowed: Incentive, Display, Email, Social, Search, Push Notifications, Mobile Pops Traffic.
Promotion Not Allowed: No Brand Bidding, No Coreg, No SMS, No Adult, No Bot Traffic.
Incentivizable: Offer IS Incentivizable
Desktop Allowed: NO
Mobile Devices Allowed: Android
Carriers Allowed: All
Conversion Process: CPI
User Needs to Download, Install and open the Application
Campagnes directes & exclusives

Rémunération & rétribution excellentes

Un manager dédié pour chaque affilié

Recevez un paiement toutes les deux semaines

Un bonus de bienvenue de 1 000 $ pour les affiliés
Countries Allowed:
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