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[HEALTH] Capsiplex Sport Fat Burner - CPS [US/UK/DE/FR] Affiliate Program

One of the network's most successful offers to date, competitive commissions and huge PR make Capsiplex a must for affiliates promoting in both the weight loss and sports nutrition niches.

The weight loss pill hit the market at the beginning of 2010, unleashing a media storm, achieving almost overnight success and selling out in just three days. Featured extensively in The Daily Mail who described it as “hot stuff for slimmers”, Capsiplex has also enjoyed publicity in numerous other newspapers and magazines thanks to endorsement from a host of celebrity names. Later, in 2015, Capsiplex expanded into a new niche with Capsiplex Sport, a pre-workout supplement.

Capsiplex contains Capsicum (chilli pepper) extract which helps to burn fat through thermogesis. Capsiplex Sport also benefits from this key ingredient along with some others; Vitamin B, to boost energy and combat fatigue; a small amount of caffeine to perk you up; Piperine, also to boost the metabolism; and finally L-Arginine to replenish nitric oxide, increasing blood flow to working muscles.

Unlike many other big name brands within the sports nutrition niche, Capsiplex Sport is a great option for both men and women, doubling your target audience. What’s more is that it’s suitable for all kinds of fitness levels, from occasional gym-goers to professional athletes.

Affiliates benefit from a dedicated affiliate manager, a generous 40% commission and access to regular rewards through a multi-tier incentive programme.

Capsiplex falls under the Ordevia Umbrella (Maeratol, Eye Secrets, Proactol, Unique Hoodia, Male Extra etc) and is managed by the dedicated team at Ordervia. You can benefit from having a Dedicated Affiliate Manager merchant based - always on hand to lend assistance and provide resources and opportunities for affiliates! As well as offering a Dedicated Affiliate Manager the merchant also offers:

• Telephone order commissions
• Regular Affiliate Exclusive Coupons
• Incentives (Cash Bonuses, Contests amongst other Promo’s)
• Dynamic Banners
• Resources available on request

Guidelines & Restrictions:
Men and women of all fitness levels looking for a clinically proven lose weight pill or pre-workout supplement.
Please note Capsiplex does NOT ship to: Brazil

The following are a list of claims which the merchant has approved for use; these claims may have been approved by advertising regulatory bodies in the countries this brand is sold into. If you use claims which are NOT found here, you may have no defence against claims logged against your site.

Claims for Capsiplex
• May increase metabolism
• May increase energy
• Patent pending
• May burn upto 278 more calories
• May Stimulates carbohydrate and fat oxidation
• May Burn carbs
• May Burn fat
• May Reduces appetite levels
• May Reduce caloric intake
• As seen on TV
• As seen on GMTV
• As seen in Daily Mail
• As seen in The Sun
• As seen in Daily Star
• Celebrity Following
• Over 50,000 units sold in first week
• Available in Harrods
Claims for Capsiplex Plus
• May Enhance Mood
• May Improve Memory
• May Improve Sleep
• May Reduce Food Cravings
Promotion Allowed: Display, Social, Search, PPV, InText, Push Notifications.
Promotion Not Allowed: No Incentivized, No Brand Bidding, No Coreg, No Email Traffic.
Incentivizable: Offer IS NOT Incentivizable
Desktop Allowed: Yes
Mobile Devices Allowed: All
Carriers Allowed: All
Conversion Process: Sale
CPA (Pixel fires on a valid one-time purchase)
Direct & Exclusive Campaigns

Excellent Payouts & Rewards

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Get paid every two weeks

$1,000 Affiliate Welcome Bonus
Countries Allowed:
France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States
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