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DistantJob.com - Mobile Optimized  [US/CA] - affiliate program

DistantJob.com - Mobile Optimized [US/CA] Affiliate Program

Distant Job is specializing in finding the best dedicated IT professionals for business owners in US and Canada. Their goal is to provide great value but more important to provide highly talented programmers, developers and system admins.

As publishers you have 2 possibilities to achieve conversion :
* Lead can fill the form "Request a call back"
* Lead can start the chat conversation " Can we Help? "

Promotion Allowed: Display, Email, Social, Search, PPV
Promotion Not Allowed: No Incentivized, No Brand Bidding, No Coreg, No Cash Incentivised.
Incentivizable: Offer IS NOT Incentivizable
Desktop Allowed: YES
Mobile Devices Allowed: No
Carriers Allowed: All
Conversion process: Leads
* Form "Request a call back:
Leads must fully complete the form (Name / Email Address / Phone Number / Position Requirement)
* Chat Conversation:
- Be from a verifiable North America – based IP address
- Selected the option: "Looking to hire"
- English speaking Only
- Minimum of 3 minutes chat session
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Countries Allowed:
Canada, United States
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