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[Desktop Game] MageRealm T2 - SOI [12 Countries] - affiliate program

[Desktop Game] MageRealm T2 - SOI [12 Countries] Affiliate Program

Browser MMORPGs have met their match. Magerealm offers the ultimate mixture of key features popular in its rivals, and takes it to the next level. Recruit a team of heroes to battle alongside you in combat, summon a light or dark angel to buff and watch over you in battle, and set out to be the biggest bad ass of the realm in ranked PvP!

Three Character Classes: Play as a wily Truthkeeper, capable of burning their demon blood to change forms, a devastatingly powerful Spellmaster, or a magic infused Realmguard, tasked with holding the line of defense for their magic kinsmen. Then customize them with a vast array of unlockable skills.

Full MMO Experience: All stock standard MMO luxury features are here, including guilds, pvp, dungeon instances, an auction house, advanced progression paths, complex crafting systems, and raids.

Prove Your Strength: Whether it be leading the armies of man in World Boss raids, or rising the ladder in ranked PvP, Magerealm offers the opportunities to test your metal, and showcase your skill in reactive action combat driven content.

Recruit Mighty Heroes and Lovely Angels: Recruit and train three heroes from a massive variety available, and call upon them to assist you in battle! Then summon your own light or dark angel as a familiar, and improve your relationship to unlock the full potential of her supportive power!

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This offer has a cap of 200 leads/day
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Incentivizable: Offer IS NOT Incentivizable
Desktop Allowed: YES
Mobile Devices Allowed: None
Carriers Allowed: None
Conversion Process: Lead
SOI (User Needs to Register)
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