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[Desktop Game] Lucent Heart - SOI [TIER 1] - affiliate program

[Desktop Game] Lucent Heart - SOI [TIER 1] Affiliate Program

Journey into a fantasy world where your zodiac sign determines your spirit and fortitude. Create a hero and venture forth to unlock mysteries and defeat evil creatures...
Lucent Heart is a free-to-play client game which drops you into a fantasy world full of danger and intrigue. You will have the opportunity to create a character and become a hero with the powers of your zodiac armour.
Every character in Lucent Heart has a zodiac sign. When creating a character, you will put in your birthday and receive the appropriate zodiac sign. This sign will be the source of your powers in the world of Lucent Heart and will provide you with incredible skills as you venture through the world.
If you are looking to band together with other players and unite under one banner, you can join a guild in Lucent Heart. Not only will you find companionship and friends as part of a guild, you will be able to participate in guild vs. guild warfare as well. Go to battle with your allies at your side against another guild to prove who the better batch of warriors is.
Lucent Heart is also full of dungeons for you to explore with danger waiting around every corner. As you delve into these dark and often deadly places, you will encounter powerful bosses and terrifying creatures. If you manage to make it through alive, the rewards will be well worth the effort.
If you are ready to become a hero and master the skills of your character, then the fantasy world of Lucent Heart is waiting for you.

Promotion Allowed: Popups, Social
Promotion Not Allowed: No Incentivization (including Offerwalls, Content-Unlocking, etc.), No Co-Regs, No Adult Traffic
Incentivizable: Offer IS NOT Incentivizable
Desktop Allowed: YES
Mobile Devices Allowed: None
Carriers Allowed: None
Conversion Process: Lead
SOI (User Needs to Register)
Direct & Exclusive Campaigns

Excellent Payouts & Rewards

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Get paid every two weeks

$1,000 Affiliate Welcome Bonus
Countries Allowed:
Austria, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, United States
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