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[Browser Game] Tera - SOI [DK/FI/NL/NO/SE] - affiliate program

[Browser Game] Tera - SOI [DK/FI/NL/NO/SE] Affiliate Program

TERA: Rising From the dreams of the titans Arun and Shara sprang forth Arborea, the world of TERA. This land of unimaginable beauty suffered a harrowing history, being ravaged time and again. Races and gods rose to power and fell into obscurity. But now the ultimate danger has appeared: The Argons, metallic beings from the Underworld, have emerged on the surface, threatening to annihilate all of existence. Together with thousands of other players, protect the world of TERA from the Argon invasion. Choose your hero from the ranks of the seven races, Humans, Castanics, Amani, High Elves, Baraka, Poporis, and Elins, and select one of the 8 available classes. The unique world of Arborea can be explored free of charge and without loading times thanks to Unreal Engine 3. Using the True Action Combat system, you take control of the fight as you climb the ranks to perhaps one day rule over an entire continent. Face the challenge and fulfil your destiny!

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$1,000 Affiliate Welcome Bonus
Countries Allowed:
Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden
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