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247AutoFinance - Mobile Optimized - CPA [US] - Pausing - affiliate program

247AutoFinance - Mobile Optimized - CPA [US] - Pausing Affiliate Program

247 Auto Finance provides a fast and convenient way to acquire an auto loan online. Our platform is integrated with hundreds of lenders and auto dealers that provide both direct-to-consumer car loans and indirect auto loan options. They specialize in helping people that may have experienced credit difficulties or had problems getting a car loan in the past, and it's fast, easy & FREE.

A few targeting tips (which traffic source converts better): Email, Social, Search converts best

All email creatives, especially html/text emails, must be approved by your Affiliate Manager before running.
Promotion Allowed: Email, Search, Social, Display, PPV, Contextual.
Promotion Not Allowed: No Incent, No Adult, No Brand bidding, No Coreg.
Incentivizable: Offer IS NOT Incentivizable
Desktop Allowed: Yes
Mobile Devices Allowed: Yes
Carriers Allowed: All
Conversion Process: CPA
Converts on approved sales.
Campanii directe și exclusive

Sisteme de plată și recompense excelente

Manager de afiliere dedicat

Fiți plătit la fiecare două săptămâni

Bonus de bun venit în valoare de 1.000 $
Countries Allowed:
United States
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