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100 BestBuy - User Lead Generation HIGHER PAYING CREATIVES [IN] Affiliate Program

This e-commerce site ranks top 3 in India. They are aggressively recruiting users. A very short form submit in a geo with unlimited potential. This offer is limited to the highly converting Iphone 4S creative at a higher price to engage end users.

Best suited for affiliates with Indian traffic of high volume, the advertiser is looking for volume!

Promotion Allowed: Web, Email, Search, DLS, SocialNet
Promotion Not Allowed: RegPath, Host And Post / Whitelabel
Incentivizable: Offer IS NOT Incentivizable
Conversion Process: Lead
Converts when the user completes the registration form and submits. Pixel fires on the thank you page.

Invalid first and last name and/or email address may be charged back at month end. Duplicate Leads/Email Addresses will be charged back at end of month.
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$1,000 제휴 환영 보너스
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