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Three Tips for Finding the Right Traffic Source for Your Media Buy

One of the biggest obstacles to an effective media buy is finding the right traffic source. Every offer responds differently to a different type of


Media Buys through Retargeting – Do They Work?

Media buys can be a very effective means of driving traffic to your website and spreading your brand to new corners of your niche online.


Three Strategies for Testing and Optimizing Your Next Media Buy

The first time you purchase ad space on a major website in your niche, you’ll be doing a bit of guess work. Sure, it will

smart goal setting concept

Setting Attainable Goals for Your Next Media Buy Campaign

A common problem we see with a large number of advertising campaigns – and a primary reason so many people lose money when trying to


The Three Most Important Metrics in Audience Tracking

Media buying is an effective form of advertising for anyone that is ready to take the time necessary to research opportunities and match them to


Are Offline Media Buys Cost Effective in 2012?

For years, you have heard over and over again that media buys can be effective but only if you are smart and only target highly


Split Testing and Fine Tuning Your Creatives for a Media Buy

  Advertising is inherently risky. There is no guarantee that your investment will result in higher conversion rates and more sales. So, when you purchase


Five Useful Resources to Research Your Next Media Buy

When preparing for a media buy, you want to maximize your return on investment and minimize potential losses as much as possible. That’s where sound


Finding a Media Buy that Converts with Free Online Tools

While most forms of online marketing have an immediate return on investment (or failure), a media buy require a large upfront investment. Often, there is

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